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Akimbo 2

Akimbo was our senior project, in which we decided to try to make a game that used both Wii Remotes for crosshairs as well as make it so the player had full control of the camera (thus not being a rail shooter).

I did all of the sound work for the game (including the code for it), other than the music, which I collaborated with our school's resident film composition and sound design professor, Rob Steel.  This project uses an engine that was developed by one of the professors at our school, Joseph Linhoff, which had audio functionality, albeit somewhat restrictive.

I also did some of the conceptualizing for puzzles, as well as all of the HUD elements and most of the 2D art in general.

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Proud of you. Now make certain the world sees this.


July 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEinar

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