Jacob Tjolsen Resume (Download/Print)

Jobs & Projects

Freelance: Broadcast Programmer

  • Broadcast Programmer and Designer, Stream Production

  • Have been contracted by multiple esports organizations to program their broadcast overlays and run of shows. Some notable organizations I've worked with include Unrivaled Tournaments, VGBootCamp, 2GGaming, & Killer Instinct World Cup 2016's broadcast.
  • Animated overlays and scoreboards for video game tournament streams, usable for both Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit, using JavaScript, JQuery, JSTween, and CSS, which have received monumental praise for their quality.
  • Created a simple User Interface for a complex system using StreamControl (http://farpnut.net/streamcontrol/), which creates XML files that are instantly readable by the overlay code.

Aurico via Lasalle Network
March 2017-Oct 2017

  • Pre-Fulfillment Specialist

  • Top employment background check organization, now named CareerBuilder Employment Screening.
  • Ran background checks of applicants for major employers, including education, employment, and more.
  • Distributed applicant-submitted email attachments to appropriate departments.
  • Contacted applicants and employers for missing information.
  • Tested company’s frequently used Google Sheets for issues.

Capital One

  • Help Desk Senior Support Analyst

  • Supported merchants with accessing proprietary software, including resetting passwords, troubleshooting issues, and tracking call volume. Team focused and acted as the primary contact for shift coverage. Learned and applied waterfall and agile software development concepts.
    • Developed pivot tables to track and report call volume to senior leadership.
    • Trained staff on system operations.
    • Enhanced processing efficiency to improve productivity.
    • Known as highly dependable by peers and managers.

Super Smash Flash 2
06/2012 - 2015

  • Lead Sound Design/Composer, Programmer
    • Did all of the mixing for the sound effects and voices, as well as most of the ripping of sounds from other games (due to the nature of the game, not much of the sound effects were made specifically for the game).
    • Did much of the music composing and mixing.
    • Designed/programmed multiple characters and heavily modified entire roster to give game more consistency.
    • Contributed frequently to the design and balancing of the game's mechanics.

Mack vs Windows
08/2011 - 10/2011

  • Lead Sound Design/Composer
    • Composed all of the music.
    • Created all of the sound effects for the gameplay and cinematics.
    • Implemented XACT engine into game.

Brawl Minus / B- (Game Mod)
02/2010 - 11/2011 

  • Team Lead, Quality Assurance Lead
    • Responsible for coordinating tester and community input for future updates.
    • Made much of the art assets, which includes a new loading screen, character select screen, and character portraits.
    • Completely redesigned multiple characters (Peach and Yoshi in particular), made major and minor tweaks to the rest of the roster.
      • Uses "Project Smash Attack", or PSA, which is a scripting program that allows users to directly edit files from the game.

DePaul University Career Center
06/2008 - 09/2009

  • Software Support Specialist
    • Developed a new website, application, and database for company to replace old and more costly pre-made engine that it was using before. This is still being used today.
    • Installed new hardware, troubleshooted, and tested many computers for compatibility and gave assistance to employees, clients.


  • Experienced with many DAWs, most of which are listed below.
  • Experienced with FMOD and XNA's XACT.
  • Have worked and recorded both in studios and on locations.
  • Have some experience with other aspects of game development, such as programming, 2D art, modeling, and production.


  •  Sound Editing
    • Pro Tools (including Pro Tools HD)
    • Audacity
    • Sound Forge Pro
    • Adobe Soundbooth
  • Music Composition
    • Logic Pro
    • GarageBand


  • DePaul University (Chicago)
    • BS in Computer Game Development with a Concentration in Sound Design.