Super Smash Flash 2: 0.9b is coming!

I haven't posted in a while on the site, in part because I've been busy with a job as well as a game that I joined not long after Mack vs Windows development ended. Thus, I figure I should post an update about this game that I've been working on.

Super Smash Flash 2!

This is a game that's been in development for about 5 years now, of which I've been on the team for nearly 2 years. In that time, the game has had some dramatic changes, and I like to believe that my contributions in sound have been one of the turning points to improvements. Not only have I completely replaced entire character libraries of sound, but I've also put some serious effort into getting the highest quality rips when possible, as creating a completely unique soundbank is simply out of the question with a game like this.


Mack vs Windows

Link to (Free) Game

Mack vs. Windows is a game I was working on over Summer and Fall of 2011, primarily in sound designing and music composition. This was the first major role that I've had in a finished, original game that was not for a school project. We created this game for the Independent Games Festival (IGF).


Mack vs Windows is Live!

Mack vs Windows

I've been working on this game for the last 3 months, primarily as the sound designer and composer. It was my first (legitimate) attempt at composing for a game, and I am very proud with what I made.  There are still a few tweaks for the rest of this week, but the gameplay itself is entirely done.

The music from the game is also available on the site, but I'll be uploading them to my YouTube as well soon.


Akimbo 1

Akimbo 1 is a student-made game from DePaul University. This game was developed in XNA 1.0.

The objective of the game is to shoot down the red and blue targets using corresponding colored guns.
Some targets will move and change colors. If the player shoots the wrong target 5 times, it's game over.

I did all of the sound designing and implementation, as well as the HUD elements.  I also made all of the textures for the rooms and weapons.

I designed each room based on the concept that the character was sucked into the computer world through his helmet (seen in at the beginning of the video).  Our 3D modeler made very complex yet fuzzy textures for each room, and I decided that we should keep it clean and simple, with very sharp edges and patterns.

(click to see full sized image)


Akimbo 2

Akimbo was our senior project, in which we decided to try to make a game that used both Wii Remotes for crosshairs as well as make it so the player had full control of the camera (thus not being a rail shooter).

I did all of the sound work for the game (including the code for it), other than the music, which I collaborated with our school's resident film composition and sound design professor, Rob Steel.  This project uses an engine that was developed by one of the professors at our school, Joseph Linhoff, which had audio functionality, albeit somewhat restrictive.

I also did some of the conceptualizing for puzzles, as well as all of the HUD elements and most of the 2D art in general.