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Akimbo 1

Akimbo 1 is a student-made game from DePaul University. This game was developed in XNA 1.0.

The objective of the game is to shoot down the red and blue targets using corresponding colored guns.
Some targets will move and change colors. If the player shoots the wrong target 5 times, it's game over.

I did all of the sound designing and implementation, as well as the HUD elements.  I also made all of the textures for the rooms and weapons.

I designed each room based on the concept that the character was sucked into the computer world through his helmet (seen in at the beginning of the video).  Our 3D modeler made very complex yet fuzzy textures for each room, and I decided that we should keep it clean and simple, with very sharp edges and patterns.

(click to see full sized image)

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